understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen and Friends of America, let Me at this moment fix your attention and your anchorage of Life so firmly upon this point: You have not understood that words carry substance, carry vibration; therefore as you read these Words of the Ascended Beings Who are Free, All-powerful, Perfect Beings, then Their Words carry the Substance charged with the Perfection of Their World into your world for action.

Please feel that every moment your attention is given to Them, They are charging your world with the Quality of Their Action, which is naturally Freedom and Perfection.

But you have not, until this came forth, ever known that your feeling world was the power, the action that was obstructing your way.

Therefore, as you go forward into the greater action of Life, will you steadily and surely see and, by your own Application, prove that even though you have gone on in these limitations through the many ages in which you have lived, still today in so comparatively short a time, can you alter, can you change, can you rectify all those mistakes that have not been intentional, but through the lack of understanding of the “Presence of Life”.

Heretofore, all that bore upon the greater Understanding of Life has been made more or less mysterious. Try to realize in Life there is not one thing mysterious. Therefore, when you begin to feel how practical Life is, you will naturally want to reach forth more and more.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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