understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Friends of America and Gentlemen, remember that you in your previous understanding of the Godhead or Principle of Life, or whatever you called It – Divine Intelligence – still is that acting only through Its greater Intensity at your Call and by the power of your attention. You must understand this if you want to have greater power of Life flow forth to perfect your world and yourself.

Therefore as you try this out, notice from the beginning of your Calls the change that will take place in your feeling world, the confidence that will come in the Power and “Presence of that Life” you are speaking to.

Remember, your Higher Mental Body, acting from your “Presence of Life”, is an All-powerful Intelligence and is not limited.

As you speak to It to give you freedom, to give you supply, It sends forth Its Mighty Light Rays which are Directing Intelligence to harmonize and govern conditions in the human octave that bring, through natural sources, your supply and your release from the conditions that have made you unhappy.

Now, this is definite; it is powerful.

All of Us Who have freed Ourselves from the human conditions, through the purifying of the physical body and drawing it into the Ascension, have been the Authority for ages; but until I brought forth this Knowledge to mankind recently, mankind have not understood.

The great number of mankind in America today are profiting so greatly by this Understanding, and hundreds of thousands are daily proving the Truth of My Words which I have brought forth to them. It is proof to the entire World that mankind have at last contacted the true Source of Life and how to bring It into action.

Knowing a thing is good, but to know how to apply it is still greater and more powerful.

I am sure you will agree with Me that I have not left one thing unexplained in the Books which have been put forth through the Messenger – the explanation of Life, the experiences of the Messenger, and why these things are true.

All of these things are explained; and in the later Books which carry the Discourses of the Great Ones, those Words are Cups that carry the Quality which they indicate, into the world of the individual.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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