understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“And let Me explain to you at this point, Gentlemen and Friends of America, when you want something in the physical world, you reach forth your hand to accept it, do you not?

Therefore as you reach forth from your feeling world, your desire world, for greater Perfection, it is as though from the Inner standpoint you reached forth your hands and drew into your feeling world that great Perfection which is there before you and with which all activity of Life is charged.

Therefore, I ask you to try it out, to experiment in your Calls to Life; and if you do not succeed with the full desire in the beginning, keep on trying. In your outer world of action, if you did not succeed at first, you probably, if you wanted to succeed, would keep on trying, wouldn’t you?

When you were lads in school, if you gave up on something that confronted you because it was a little difficult, you did not succeed in it; therefore, it is the same in all activity of Life in Its greater capacity.

If you will stand firm and unyielding in your Call to Life, It will answer you, I tell you Friends of America and Gentlemen, without exception, because it is Life in Itself which is the compelling Power.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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