understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I call to your attention the experience of the Messenger to whom I am flashing these Words. In four years, the power or intensity of the action of Life flowing forth from Him at His Call is perhaps fifty times greater than it was four years ago, and the Student Body all realize and see that.

Therefore, the momentum of Life, when given the opportunity, will again take and hold Its Dominion through mankind, through the human form of every individual who will willingly and joyfully call It forth into action – and this is the point upon which so much hinges.

Gentlemen and Friends of America, you might think it incredible that this “Presence of Life” which gives action to your body would not come forth of Its Own Volition and produce Its Perfection for you, regardless of your outer attitude toward It.

Well, the proof stands before you in mankind’s limitations that something has been missing, and that is mankind’s understanding that they must make their Calls hourly, daily to Life by the power of their attention, giving It the full Authority and Power to come forth and act through the human form – and therefore remove the belief that all Life was just in the human form.

Saint Germain God Presence ChartIt is, but the greater part of it is above you and flows through; and without your having cleared the channel for Life to flow through your bodies, your intellect, and out into your world with a sufficient intensity, you will remain in the same conditions, Gentlemen and Friends of America, that you are in today.

Since you have seen the change in the Messengers, in Their great determination and intensity to call forth this Blessing and Perfection to mankind, then you have the evidence before you that this Power of Life does answer your Call, does intensify Its Action through the human form to produce these definite, mathematical results at the Call of the individual.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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