understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Therefore, as you stand today in your position to Life – and it matters not one particle what your position is, how humble it seems to be – if you will begin today to give your attention to the “Presence of Life” that is above you, knowing Its Ray of Light and Energy beats your Heart, then as you keep calling with firm determination to have more of Its Perfection, more of Its Commanding Presence flow forth into your world of action, I say to you, Friends of America, there is not one person living in human form who cannot prove the Truth of these Words to himself.

If mankind will not do it themselves they will have to do without it, because Life has waited throughout the centuries for mankind to know their Source, then by their own authority, to call It into action.

For Gentlemen and Friends of America, remember, you are the decreer of your world; you are the decreer, the determiner as to how that energy is going to act for you which flows through your body. You cannot call it forth without it going through your body; for the majority of the action in the perfecting of yourself and your world, that Energy of Life has to flow through your body.

Those are two points that must definitely be understood.

You can call the Light Rays forth through your “Presence”, under the Direction of your Higher Mental Body, to produce magnificent results.

But when you come to the perfecting of your bodies and your immediate world of action and environment, that energy, Gentlemen and Friends of America, has to flow largely through your human form.

Saint Germain God Presence ChartThat is how and why God does for you what God does through you.

Remember that God does not act independently of your Life Stream so far as your individual world is concerned. God, which is the “Mighty I AM Presence”, acts at your Call.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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