understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen and Friends of America, remember that Life in Itself is the most practical thing in the Universe. There is nothing strange or mystical about It, but since you are breathing every moment, that is the action of Life; since your Heart is beating, giving action to your body, that is the “Presence of Life”.

Therefore, you need not Myself nor anyone to prove to you anything, but simply to call your attention to the “Presence of Life” that is acting within you. It is not limited and lacks no intensity of Itself but through your beliefs, which I am asking you to call to be dissolved.

Then you will have removed the obstruction to the full, pure, powerful outpouring of Life to take command of your world of action. That is all that is required.

Life in Itself carries Perfection, is never less in Itself, and knows nothing else; but since other things have manifested in your Life, they come alone through human qualification.

That is an action of your feeling world, which is enveloping you; therefore, you have been giving it attention, you have been believing that it was the condition existing and was what had prevented you from having the sufficient outpouring of Life that would harmonize and produce Its full Perfection for you.

This is the condition. It is practical, Gentlemen and Friends of America, the most practical thing in the World.

Therefore, as you understand how to give obedience by continued harmony in your feeling world, will you find the outpicturing of it comes with greater and greater intensity each day at your Call.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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