understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In all your Activity in calling forth the Powers of your “Presence”, whatever is accomplished through that is a permanently sustained Activity and never has to be redone. Notice the difference.

Therefore, I say to you, utilize this opportunity, Gentlemen! Remember, I am Real! Remember, within Me rests the Freedom of America. With your response, I assure you It shall not fail; but if mankind should turn aside and refuse to give assistance, then all would be lost for America, Her people, and the Earth.

Then devastation would spread over the entire Earth with a speed you could not conceive of today as you are sitting in the comfort of this room.

You do not realize how the Forces of Light, the Walls of Light, hold back destructive forces until they can be governed. I want you to feel the joy of this Service, and don’t allow any uncertainty to register within your feeling.

Your Calls and the ever-increasing numbers of people who are coming into this Understanding will supply all that is required for the Victory of this Light.

Live in that; accept no other appearance. When any other appearance to the contrary comes to your attention, annihilate it by the Power of the Light Rays and say to it, “You have no power!”

Oh, any condition that has an appearance in America which is less than the Perfection you require in America – you must say to that appearance in the Authority and Power of your “Presence”, “You have no power!”

Then call the Powers of the “Mighty I AM” to annihilate, dissolve, and consume the seeming effects that are there – cause, effect, record, and memory.

Then you will have removed the cause – the effect is very little if the cause is removed.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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