understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen, I have not stopped in more than two years – not – for one moment – in watching, guarding, projecting the Mighty Light Rays into conditions to prevent the disaster. As the Messengers have told you, eighteen months ago the most vicious war ever known would have begun in your America, but for this Work.

Therefore, it is worth your entire devotion and every moment you have, to give forth silently as you move about, the Call to the “Presence of Life” to render this Service to yourself, to mankind, and America.

Therefore I want you to feel the importance of the position you hold today in your understanding and ability to call forth these Decrees. America needs you as never in Her experience!

In the time of Washington and Lafayette it was country against country. Today, it is Light against darkness of hundreds of thousands of centuries of accumulation.

That is the difference in the position of Washington and those Patriots who won the Victory through physical and also Divine Forces.

As the Goddess of Liberty watched over America then, so does She still watch. But today, with the attention of more than six hundred thousand people upon Her, that gives Her Authority which never occurred in the time of Washington; for He was the only one outside of Myself who knew what She was attempting to give America and Its Protection.

Therefore remember that, in all things which are brought to your attention. Think, if for no other reason, to pour forth your love to France for being the means by which the symbol of the Goddess of Liberty stands in New York Harbor today.

Beloved Ones, the evidence has been constantly brought before all mankind, but few have understood.

Now today, when all is being made clear, plain, and so many are comprehending, then are you in a position to render a Service by the projection of Light Rays ten thousand times more powerful than all your armaments combined; for that produces but temporary results, while the Light Rays produce Eternally Sustained Results.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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