understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now think, when We are rendering the Service to you, to mankind today which We are, in seizing and binding these black magicians who have been the instigators of all the destruction on the Earth for centuries and centuries, then We too are rendering Our part of the Service in a way you could not possibly understand.

There are no words to explain It, but simply to call your attention to It so that you may realize We love you enough, and We love the Light enough to want Its Dominion upon the Earth, so that the Earth does not fail in that which is the Demand of the Cosmic Light now, to come up to Its Vibratory Action, to expand more Light, and enter into its Dominion with the rest of the Planets.

It is not a matter of individuals, but a matter of the Demand of the Cosmic Light in which individuals will find response.

Therefore, I say to you, you have Infinite Assistance; you have Infinite Power, and you have Friends All-powerful that are ready to hold your hand, and carry you forward to the Victory of the Light!

May you all feel that! May you be sustained by it! And may you enter into the full joy of your Service which it is your privilege to render, knowing that your Service to America and Its Protection, and your Service to the government and to industry will compel your own Freedom to come about in a perfectly natural way.

I thank you, Gentlemen, and may the Powers of Light that beat your Heart allow Us to amplify and expand that and give you the Assistance at all times, individually or otherwise, that gives you your Happiness, your Limitless Supply, and your Freedom and Victory of Life.

I thank you.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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