understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I cannot say to mankind: “Come here! This is the condition! If you do not to respond to it, then you must take the consequences.”

That is not My position. It is mankind who need their Freedom. I stand ready to offer It and sustain It; and I have proven to the World in lifting the Messengers to Their present position that I have the Authority and Power to do it when sufficient obedience is given.

There is no one who wants to see the Truth, that can deny that.

Therefore I say to you, every Student in America, I can do the same for you if you will give the same obedience in your Application as They have given, because remember, your Application is the imperative thing for your Freedom and for the Freedom of America – the Application of these Great Laws.

They are Mighty, Gentlemen.

When you are issuing a Decree, do you feel the Infinite Power of It? Momentarily, sometimes you do; but once you begin to feel the Infinite Power of your Mighty Decrees sent forth in the Name of the “I AM”, there will not be one single thing that you cannot achieve on the spot.

That is why I say to you there is nothing so important, so vital among mankind today as the issuing of the “I AM” Decrees for the advancement, the Expansion of your own Light, the protection of yourself, your families, and America.

All is the one mighty Energy acting according to your direction and qualification.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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