understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In rendering this Service today, the opportunity has never been so great before mankind. Try to feel this in all your Decrees, every one you send forth for yourself individually or for America or for whatever is required.

Remember, that it is the Infinite Power of Light calling to Itself when you voice anything for a constructive purpose. It is the Voice of the Light calling back to Itself from the human individualization for Its Perfection and Its Victory. Therefore, It is the Authority.

People have not felt this – but feel that your Call is the Authority of Life calling back to Itself to pour forth Its Mighty Energy to give you Its Protection and Blessing.

Feel that in all your requirements individually, in your country, in you government, and all that concerns it, and in your industries, the Great Power of Light is answering your Calls.

You of course know without My saying it that in your world of industry today, the most diabolical attempt is being made to shut off the food supply of mankind and, through fear, compel people into certain obedience that gives certain powers authority over them.

You must decree that this shall not be.

Call the Infinite Powers of Light to give Their Infinite Protection, so that no individuals come into a position of authority, of temporary control over you that would produce such a result.

I do not hesitate to tell you that it is being attempted every day, and the unfortunate thing is that so many innocent individuals are caught in this frightful thing.

For instance, take one illustration – the condition of the milk industry and its investigating going on today. Underlying that is the most tragic, vicious attempt to shut off and come into control of the food activity, to get its heel upon the neck of mankind.

But I declare it shall not be!

With your Decrees going forth, giving the element required from the human octave, then We shall use every Power at Our Command to prevent such a thing taking place in America!”

Beloved Saint Germain

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