understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In all that you require, you must call forth Invincible Protection for yourself because when you turn to the Powers of Light and call Them into action, you become a Power before all invisible forces – most of which you know nothing about at all, but We do.

We know what is playing upon you; and We make every effort to convey to you that which you are bound to meet, and which has been acting upon you wholly unknown in the feeling.

Look at this good Messenger before you! For thirty years the black magician frustrated His every attempt at success, His every plan that would have otherwise worked out. Then came the time where the Law of His Life permitted Me to step in and give the Assistance and set Him Free.

Gentlemen! I stand ready to render the same Service to every Student in America today! (Applause)

Of course, I love these Messengers. They were once My own children and I have never forgotten it, but that is beside the point.

The Power of Light must take Its Dominion now or never on Earth! If this should fail, then mankind has failed on Earth. That is the position mankind stands in today.

But I declare It shall not fail; and from the response that is building from the people of America, I am convinced more each day that It shall not fail! Therefore, give Me your response – all you can. “

Beloved Saint Germain

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