understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Because of the incoming Golden Age, and because “I AM” the Authority under the Violet Ray for the condition that must be brought about in the World, and having known this for several hundred years, I have sought the World over for people who would give response to Me, that I might change the action for mankind and bring about an Understanding as this Chart indicates to you  Saint Germain God Presence Chart– the reason why mankind and the only means by which mankind can have a permanent action and sustained power, producing Harmony, Peace, Perfection, and the Limitless Activity which Life has always wanted to give mankind.

It is not easy, after centuries of confusion in the minds of mankind, to suddenly clear it away and let the comprehension become active and clear of the simplicity with which Life is always trying to act.

But since it must be done, I have chosen the Messengers to convey these My Words, and those of the Others to mankind, and to also put them in print in a form that you may read, study, and comprehend.

I say to you Gentlemen, if you will – in reading those Books, call to your “Presence”, acting through your Higher Mental Body, to give you comprehension and alertness in reading the Great Laws there.

They sound quite simple, that is true; but They are Majestic and All-powerful in Their Action. They are the solution of human problems, and the only permanent one.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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