understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Minute Men of Saint Germain, in speaking of this, I voice to you the Words which you have chosen to do Me Honor. You might not realize it, but I consider it an Honor for mankind to have given Me sufficient recognition, not having see Me, to declare themselves the Minute Men of Saint Germain.

That which I shall say to you today, I want to so anchor within your mind, body, and feeling world that you will carry It always as a Victory of My Power within you.

It has been said that a government is the activity of men’s minds – I say to you that a government is the activity of men’s feelings, for you can think many things with but little consequence; but in an intense feeling it becomes an activity, vibratory action, and power that is limitless in its activity as its vibratory action goes forth.

In your Decrees, and in sending Them forth with the feeling and power that you do, are Light Rays going forth which are the Guns of Light, if you choose to call Them that. That becomes a permanently sustained activity for the Blessing and benefit of mankind.

Those who were in the recent World War understand more than the rest of the World can possibly comprehend, what this statement means.

For century upon century, mankind has tried to adjust the conditions of the outer world through armament. Of course, temporary results have been produced – one side of mankind considering they have won; but no one ever won anything in war.

One side just holds out a little longer than another, but there is no change in condition except temporary results.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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