understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“If you will bear with Me for a moment in acknowledging that having become an Ascended Being, wholly Free from all human limitations, and looking over the vast population of the Earth, I see there the confusion in the minds of man and see how they are imposed upon by various destructive activities.

Being wholly unaware of the conditions that are acting upon them, they unknowingly give way to them and respond to them, causing them to do things that limit, bind, and bring them into such distress as few have understood.

You today in America, even with the conditions that exist here, have but little idea of the conditions that are in Europe, and the viciousness that has turned Europe into the state that it is in today. It has tried for eighteen years with a definite cunning that is unparalleled, to get its same clutches upon America.

Gentlemen, you do not realize what is there. I have been in Europe every day for months; I know the condition of the feelings there. I know the condition of the treachery. I know the condition of the war lords that are being used wholly for destructive purposes; and it is only the fear of the people in Italy, in Russia, and in Germany that keeps them from rising and annihilating those dictators from the World.

I would not be surprised to see it occur any time, because the Light, the Cosmic Light taking Its Action in the World, is stirring within mankind their own mighty power of Light, of comprehension, and fearlessness.

Many, many men would rather lose their physical bodies than to go on under conditions that their own Hearts tell them are coming about.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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