understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Do you know, Gentlemen, that in the higher Ideals of Life because of the human, discordant pressure about you, you can listen to a thing a dozen or fifteen times and still not comprehend it?

That is why the Messengers have asked if people come into the Classes, if they will come in two or three times and get the fundamentals, then they will understand more readily what follows.

You come into a ten-day Class just once and try to form judgment – it would be incredible, impossible. Therefore, you see how practical the Messengers are in everything They do.

Remember, you never saw – and neither did anyone else in this World – two people go forth and never ask a human being for a dime, and have released by Their Call to the “Presence” the limitless supply of money They require to carry on this Work, as has been done at Their Call. The whole World knows that, and They never will do otherwise.

They instruct every Group Leader in America never to call to their Groups individually for financial supply. Stand them upon their feet and issue the Decree to the “Presence” for the supply they require, and the Powers of Light will see it comes about in Divine Order.

They have proven this to the entire World, and there is no honest individual who can deny it. Therefore, you are dealing, They are dealing with a Power and Activity of Life called forth at Their Command. “

Beloved Saint Germain

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