understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I thank you, Gentlemen, for your attention and your receptivity today. While the Messenger has voiced these Words, I have been able to do for you that which was beyond My Expectation. (Applause)

Now, the reason for that is this: Please, will you feel that everything you are, ever hope to be, or have – must come through your feeling world? There is no other place it can come.

Therefore, it is imperative for your feeling world to be harmonious long enough for Life to have washed out, as it were, of your physical body and feeling world all discord and all imperfection.

When enough of that has been done, then the Power of Life will flow forth. It will seem to be a perfectly natural thing, but with a power you cannot conceive of today.

Only by actual experience can you prove this Great Law, and only by Application will It find Its out-picturing for you.

Therefore the Messengers are giving this forth, leaving every human being free to accept or reject if they like. The only thing They ask is for people to come into the room and be harmonious. If you don’t like the Work, please do not come.

Therefore, Gentlemen, I want you to feel today that I am just as interested in you, I am jut as interested in the success of your business, of your Illumination and Perfection, perhaps far more than you are just at the present, yourselves – even among the former, or earlier Students I should say.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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