understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to you, Gentlemen, I can take the seemingly most lowly among you with the least finances, and if they will give Me exact obedience as the Messengers have, I can make them the greatest success in five years that you ever saw. That is the Application of Life, but that is only a fragmentary part, Gentlemen.

The success of physical Life is beautiful, most worthy; but the Perfection of yourself is a thousand times more valuable than all the wealth you can accumulate about you. You can have it in the harmonizing of yourself, the very natural activity.

The Law of Life will produce success for you in spite of anything you can do, if you are harmonious enough and remain so. The very Law of Life will direct you into the perfect activity that your Stream of Life wants you to have, if you are harmonious enough.

That is how the Great Law of Life is so simple. Wont you sit down.”

Saint Germain

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