understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen, it ought to be interesting to every human being on the face of this Earth. They have Their Freedom which nothing in Creation can take away. Everyone can do the same thing if they give obedience and make the dynamic Application.

You cannot imagine the dynamic Application these two humble Beings made in a day the first year I asked Them to go forth, because They knew to some slight degree what They were up against.

I said to Them before They started forth, “Do You realize what You are going to meet?” They said, “Perhaps, somewhat.” But I knew They did not comprehend but slightly what They were going to face. I was there to stand back of Them; and Blessed Ones, They are the proof to the entire World, of the Mighty Power and Activity of this Great Law of Life.

Therefore, I wish you today to carry this, My Great Love and Kindness, in your Heart. Think of Me sometimes if you will, if you are here for the first time; then see whether or not your feeling world does not change and you feel a Peace and rest you never knew were there.

Make your Call whether you quite believe that “Presence” is there above you or not. Make the Call a few times; then give your attention to Me and see whether you do not come to realize it is quite true.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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