understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Therefore, I want you to understand in your business, if it is not what you wish it to be – you do not have to spread It to your employees, but if you feel a little timid in acknowledging It – go into the secrecy of your office and call the Powers of the “Mighty I AM” into action – and do not say “God.”

Let Me show you the difference between the expression “God” and the Words “I AM”.

God, as understood by the mass of mankind throughout the centuries, is an Omnipresence somewhere. The Words “I AM” are the Announcement of the Individualized “Presence of God” at your point in the Universe – the Authority, Power, and Wisdom acting when you issue those Calls.

There is not anyone, even the helpless individual lying on his back in bed, that cannot speak those Words; and if he speaks Them with firm enough determination, he would arise and walk.

You today in your business, if you can put away foolish human pride, stand on your two feet, and raise your hands if it gives you a greater feeling of the “Presence”, and say: “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, silence this thing forever! You take command of my mind and being! Produce Your Perfection! Hold Your Dominion, and pour Your Mighty Radiance into my world and activity, and over my business. You take command and make it Your Success.”

You will see how quickly your business will flourish, harmony reign, and the happiness of all about you will bless you forever.

That is how the business of the future is bound to be conducted, Gentlemen.

Why have mankind been made to believe that they had to fight for everything? Because it was a sinister force of human destructive creation that was impelling that idea and feeling into mankind, so that they might pit themselves against each other and finally destroy each other – that is why.

But today, thanks to the “Great Presence of Life”, this is rapidly being dissolved.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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