understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen, I want to call your attention to that Series of Books. Now, it does not make any difference to Me how great you are in business; if you will take Unveiled Mysteries and The Magic Presence first – take them in the quiet of your own office and spend one hour a day and read those Books and feel the Truth that is there – you will be a transformed Being. And don’t you forget it – every Word in those Books is true, His own Experience with Me.

A gentlemen came to Him last evening, or the night before I believe it was, and said, “How about that statement that you made in the beginning of Unveiled Mysteries where you said you went to Mount Shasta on government business?”

The Messengers said to him, “That is quite true, but your interpretation and jumping to the conclusion that that was outer employment of the government was your mistake.”

He was there with Me on government business of the most vital importance to mankind (Applause), but it was the Inner Activity of Life, not outer connection with government.

It is those things that vicious individuals have seized upon to try to find discrepancies, which exist alone in their own vicious minds.

The Messenger could explain everything that is there with a clearness that anybody could understand, but He does not choose to do it. When individuals get vicious He just lets them go on until their viciousness one day destroys them, because they do it willfully.

Dear, Beloved Friends of America, Fellow Students, and Gentlemen! There is not one thing that can harm you or the Messengers as long as you remain harmonious and call the “Presence of Life” into action.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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