understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to you, Gentlemen, that today – or if not today, in a few days – a mathematical statement will be made to you of that which has been thus far accomplished in your city since the return of the Messengers.

We deal with the Reality, Gentlemen, in everything. We are not the slightest concerned with human opinion or the amount of money you have. The Reality of Life is the thing We are concerned with, and what We call into greater activity through mankind.

Everyone who will give the “Presence” their attention first, then if they care to direct their attention to Us – back from one of Us, or many, will come those Mighty Light Rays to enfold you and hold you in the Great Balance of Life, until your Call will produce such Perfection as you could not imagine. (Applause)

I refer to the Messengers, because it is an outstanding thing in Life: When I asked Them to go forth and carry this Work, I did not offer Them a dime. They owed five months’ rent, but They had learned to give Me that joyous obedience. They did not ask me how it was coming about. They never said a word, but They went forward – and see the results! (Applause)

I could have released to Them ten million dollars in actual physical cash, but that would not have been any benefit to Them. It would have let Them go forth, but their Application in the seeming necessities was what has given Them Their Freedom.

And your Application is the only thing that will ever give you your Freedom. You may have ten billion dollars; but if that is your God instead of Life, you will never know what Happiness, Peace, and Freedom are. (Applause – audience rising)

Beloved Saint Germain

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