understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I told these Beloved Messengers shortly after They started forth, when I asked Them to go forth and give out this Great Light, that every vicious thing that had ever been said about Them would be proved wrong. It is being done today. (Applause)

Therefore, Gentlemen, I want you to realize that you have beating your Heart the Power of the Universe, the Power of Light; and when you are willing to acknowledge That – your Source, God, the “Mighty I AM” – as the only acting Presence and Intelligence in you, you will be able to pour It out before you in Its mighty harmonizing Power.

All individuals you contact will feel that harmony, respond to it, and give obedience to your Stream of Life because It holds only Divine Order and Justice within It. Won’t you be seated.

No longer will mankind be able to go on destroying each other, blaming persons, places, and conditions for a thing that exists alone in their own feeling world.

When mankind humanly cannot have their own way, in most cases they turn very vicious.

For instance as an illustration, this unfortunate creature, ___________, in Los Angeles, has spread such vicious falsehoods all over the World concerning the Messengers. The Messenger has his letter of such gratitude to Them in the first few Classes that he attended. Then he conceived the idea of driving into the Staff to become one of them; and because the Messengers saw within him that which was impossible, he was refused. From that time he turned vicious for no reason at all.

That is how mankind, thwarted in the human desire, become vicious – not only from that angle but various angles in Life.

That is unfortunate for them; for I shall say to the whole world how vicious and untruthful he has been, and all others who have tried to slander these Beloved Messengers.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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