understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I tell you, Gentlemen, the day has come when businessmen are going to take God, the “Mighty I AM”, into business (Applause), and are going to stand on their own two feet and look their associates square in the eye and say: “I am an ‘I AM’ Student! (Applause) I acknowledge my Source – God, the ‘Mighty I AM’ – as my Directing Intelligence, my Power of Activity, my Freedom from human mistakes!”

Then mankind will find an activity of business in America that will spread its Radiance everywhere. Divine Order, Divine Justice, and Harmony will reign in all industry; and the communistic, vicious, devilish thing will be wiped out of America forever. (Applause – audience rising)

Gentlemen, while you are on your feet, let this Mighty Current flow through you while I speak these next few Words.

If you could understand as I do – I have spent much time in Europe recently, to prevent the vicious destruction from entering America that has been planned there for twelve or fifteen years – in fact, ever since the beginning of the recent World War. I know what they are doing; you do not.

But I think the Power of the Cosmic Law, which has recently given Me the permission and the Power to use My Wisdom and Judgment in the protecting of America – by that Infinite Power of Light It shall be used! (Applause)

This time My Effort of centuries shall not fail! (Applause)”

Beloved Saint Germain

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