understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear Ones, let us come back now to all that this Understanding means to you in your success – whether you be an artist, a musician, a man in the world of industry or in official capacity, a lawyer, judge, or governmental official. Everywhere, the demand of Life today is in the acknowledgment, acceptance, and the calling forth of that greater Power of Life to take command in you and go before you in your activity.

Now this is not anyone’s opinion, but this is the demand of Life which mankind have pushed aside century after century.

It is quite true you have lived hundreds and thousands of embodiments. Many of mankind do not accept it, but that does not alter the Truth.

Therefore, when you realize that you have been given opportunity after opportunity, Gentlemen, and now today that the great, great number who have enough Expansion of the Light within themselves to understand through their feeling, when they touch this Great Truth, that It is what they have sought all their lives – that is the exact comment of thousands and thousands of people who have come in touch with this Great Light.

How do they know it? By their own Light within their Hearts.

Gentlemen, your physical Heart is the Knower within your physical body; and when you respond to your Heart, you will soon come to do the right and perfect thing always.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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