understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In the thousands of Calls that come to the Messenger every month, by His own Call to the “Presence He has charged His own Higher Mental Body to answer these Calls, whether he receives them in the physical octave or not;

and he finds more than half the Calls sent in for assistance are answered before the outer Call reaches His physical senses – proving that your Higher Mental Body stands guard, if you understand how to ask It to do so, and will render this Service not only to yourself, but to anyone else who might call to you for help.

This is a definite Law of Life and It is being proven constantly. The people who deny It are just simply foolish, because mankind can prove all this.

The Messengers have said to you constantly “Don’t believe us; prove us.” And that is exactly what We want you to do: We want you to prove these Laws – which are your own Laws of Life – for yourself. Then you are satisfied, you are convinced.

For the individual convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.

Therefore, “to convince yourself” means you have placed yourself in a position where no discord or falsehood brought to your attention will longer affect you, and that is the position of the Messengers today. For with all the raving wolves in the outer world putting forth falsehoods concerning Them, well, They are wholly unconcerned. That is the party of the individual who sends it forth. The Messengers know it cannot harm Them, and all mankind will one day see this.

I say to you, Beloved Minute Men and friends of America, when you understand there is not one thing in the whole Universe that can touch you, limit you, or harm you but that which acts through your own feeling world, then will you come into the fullness of Life. You cannot do it until you do realize that.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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