understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Follow Me just for a few moments as I call your attention to how you have fed your magnificent Life energy into individuals, places, and conditions to harm and limit you.

Think of it, Gentlemen and Friends of America! All mankind have done this. The Messengers themselves did it in the beginning, but think how it has been reversed today.

These are such Mighty Laws, and they are acting with every human being on the face of the Earth.

Remember – let Me anchor this so firmly in your consciousness today that you will never forget it in the world – not one thing in the Universe can reach, touch, or harm you except your own feeling. It cannot do it! When you Life Stream feeds into any destructive condition, it comes back to reach you.

That is why the Messengers are so unconcerned about those who spread vicious falsehoods concerning Them, because They know those people must reap that which they sow. Jesus said that, but who of mankind has believed it? “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”

if all the World could understand that one simple thing, the World would be transformed almost immediately; but no one has driven this at mankind. Now you see the Messengers and Myself are driving this forth, and we will never let up until mankind understand it! (Applause)”

Beloved Saint Germain

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