isis unveiled: chapter chapter VIII (our place among infinities)

“The inherent restlessness of matter is embodied in the saying of Hermes: “Action is the life of Phta”; and Orpheus calls nature πολυμεχανος μετερ, “the mother that makes many things”, or the ingenious, the contriving, the inventive mother.

Mr. Proctor says: “All that is upon and within the earth, all vegetable forms and all animal forms, our bodies, our brains, are formed of materials which have been drawn in from those depths of space surrounding us on all sides.”

The Hermetists and the later Rosicrucians held that all things visible and invisible were produced by the contention of light with darkness, and that every particle of matter contains within itself a spark of the divine essence – or light, spirit – which, through its tendency to free itself from its entanglement and return to the central source, produced motion in the particles, and from motion forms were born.

Says Hargrave Jennings, quoting Robertus di Fluctibus:

“Thus all minerals in this spark of life have the rudimentary possibility of plants and growing organism; thus all plants have rudimentary sensations which might (in the ages) enable them to perfect and transmute into locomotive new creatures, lesser or higher in their grade, or nobler or meaner in their functions;

thus all plants, and all vegetation might pass off (by side roads) into more distinguished highways as it were, of independent, completer advance, allowing their original spark of light to expand and thrill with higher and more vivid force, and to urge forward with more abounding, informed purpose, all wrought by planetary influence directed by the unseen spirits (or workers) of the great original architect.””

H. P. Blavatsky

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