understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen I shall from time to time ask all the Minute Men to do this. Won’t you at least once in your Groups – and I will ask the Messengers to give you a short, snappy Decree for that especially, which you can use. In the meantime, you can use what you have – of course you have an abundance, so far as that is concerned, to cover every avenue of requirement.

But I have been looking the field over; and I think I shall give you a short, very snappy, powerful Decree for this specific purpose, that you may focus through your Higher Mental Bodies the Power of your “Mighty I AM” upon the city of Washington to reveal, to dissolve, and consume every spy activity and all intrigue that is there.

You have been covering this; but I feel I want you to have a more powerful focus of your Light Rays upon that city, and naturally to reveal this intrigue – because I tell you, America is sleeping.

Why, they let this spy activity go on right under their noses – knowing it – and I tell you it is dangerous!

Because we are not at war is no reason that activity should go on, getting every secret that America holds, except those which We are protecting, and they have not any spies clever enough to get those.

If you as Minute Men of America will do this, it will be a great Service.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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