understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I want to call your attention, since I suddenly impelled your Beloved Lotus to issue that first Decree against the spies of America, and look what has taken place since you have begun to do that – the dope fiends that have been revealed, the activity of dope, the conditions in your aerial service, and the spy activity throughout all avenues – it has been amazing, Gentlemen, how that has been revealed since that time.

Do you not see, Gentlemen, what a power you are in these Mighty Decrees! They actually go forth in the mental and feeling world, reaching people you do not dream of; not only that, but it gives Courage, Strength, and Power to those officials that mean to do the right thing.
Many of them do, but these sinister individuals get them in their clutches by some pretense or another. They do not realize it or they would straighten up their spines and tell them to go. That would be all right.

Don’t you see, Dear Ones of Light, the vicious activities act wholly through fear. If they can get an individual – no matter how much they want to do right – if they can get them to do something, they have a little pressure and they say, “Either you do what we want you to do, or we will turn you over to the authorities.” And they have their henchmen give false evidence against them.

In your penitentiaries today are hundreds of innocent men – and I happen to know it – because of that vicious intrigue. Because they stood up and told them where to go, then they concocted this false evidence against them. But that day is fast drawing to a close.

I tell you, Gentlemen, with these Mighty Decrees going forth, all intrigue and all treachery in America shall be sought out; and authorities and powers who are real will take charge of it! (Applause)”

Beloved Saint Germain

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