understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, Gentlemen, I am not going to keep you as long as I did the other day, but this I do want to say. You are feeling more acquainted with Me today than you ever have, I think. (Applause), and I appreciate it with all My Heart. But now, Gentlemen, let us go into action.

Remember, the first thing is the determination to hold such harmony in your feelings that the instantaneous Answer to every Call you make will come forth. If it does not at once, don’t be discouraged or think your Call is not being answered, but keep on driving with dynamic power.

Every Call you make, charge into it that Mighty Energy. You cannot deplete yourself if you know your “Presence” is the Energy and Power acting. You can decree, if you choose, for a whole day and be stronger at night than you were in the morning, but that is not necessary.

When you make a Decree for something, start it with a firm determination that your Answer is coming forth at once. Then remember the Energy is coming from your “Presence”, flowing through your body.

In reminding yourself of that, you will open that channel clear and free for that Energy to flow forth, and you cannot be depleted.

I want you to come to a point where, when you want to release the Power or Energy, you can simply charge It forth instantly with Its Infinite Power of Action, and let It go forth like a Mighty, Intelligent Power acting – which It is – to render that Service you require.

Remember, Gentlemen, you are My Powerhouse in the physical world.

You know, We have taken considerable time as you think of it in the physical world, for the preparatory work; now we are going into action. But instead of finding the old tradition of an “eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”, whatever condition requires remedying, we call forth the Mighty Power of the “I AM”;

and through every one of your Higher mental Bodies is projected those Mighty Light Rays carrying the Intelligence, the Energy, the Power, and Substance to render that Service.

And it is done harmoniously.

Instead of creating greater discord by agitation, it dissolves the discord and brings the permanent remedy.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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