understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“This is what I want you to understand, Beloved Friends of America. Then as you contact this Work, you will understand why your Heart so readily accepts It, where before – or without that – you would possibly have resisted through the old concepts which are purely human, and would have had some struggle within yourself to comprehend or believe that these Great Truths were real.

Today We find a great mass of people are only too glad to contact something that gives them peace and rest, then the power of achievement that everyone has craved – not only in this lifetime, but if you see the memory of all that has been, you will find you have craved the same thing always, because it is the Power of Life.

Life wants to assert itself, but the human qualification has prevented it doing it.

Today you discontinue allowing the human feelings to requalify the energy; then it flows forth naturally in perhaps twenty times greater volume. But when you call with dynamic energy, you increase that to forty or sixty times what the natural flow of Life would be in and through your physical body.

Therefore, you see how much greater, how much more powerful will be the results that you can have – not only that you have sought, but a thousand things, ten thousand things that you never dreamed possible in your Life will begin to find action in a perfectly natural process.

Therefore, in this great Encouragement that I endeavor to give, and I do give because I know how to charge It into the mental and feeling world of My listeners everywhere, you will find, Beloved Friends of America, a change taking place this hour in your Life.

Please be kind enough to accept it and, in your feeling of acceptance, allow Me to do for you that which I have sought to do for more than two hundred years for the people of America.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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