understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We have been speaking definitely about you individually. Now then, let Us expand this Understanding into your city, into your Nation, into the World – because, Beloved Friends of America, understand definitely that mankind is living in the mental and feeling world. The physical body is but the shield or garment which they are wearing.

Now when you understand this, that you are mental and feeling beings, then you know that all mankind are mental and feeling beings.

Therefore, as you project through the Mighty Decrees which the Minute Men and the Groups give forth, that goes forth like a mighty, pulsating wave through and into the mental and feeling world of mankind; and its far-reaching power is beyond any human concept to understand.

Its far-reaching power you cannot comprehend in the outer intellect, but We from the Octave of Light see and know those vibrations going forth quite as well as you see the effects of your electricity here in the outer world, but with far greater power.

Now, notice the difference. You in the use of your electricity see the effects by your light and by your power. We see cause and effect both in action at the same time through the vibratory action that goes forth in the mental and feeling world of mankind, and where We produce so-called Miracles in the use of these Great Streams of Energy and Light Rays; yet it is all perfectly natural.

As you see some of those things take place, which you later you will, all of you will see that all that takes place – ever will, or ever has – is just your own Life, the Life of the Universe acting.

As you understand this, Beloved Friends of America, you will dismiss from yourself all mystery.

That is what has prevented mankind having the clearer, greater understanding, because they thought they had to have some great, mysterious means of getting an understanding of this, oblivious – as one walking in one’s sleep – to the simplicity which would release these Great Powers into their use. Therefore, today mankind is steadily and surely coming into the Understanding.

We have watched these tremendous activities take place in the mental and feeling world of mankind, producing such effects, changing the whole feeling world of mankind and hundreds of people who have never touched this Understanding yet.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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