isis unveiled: chapter chapter VII (thou great first cause)

“Diodorus, of Sicily, Herodotus, and Sanchoniathon, the Phoenician – the oldest of historians – tell us that these Mysteries originated in the night of time, centuries and probably thousands of years prior to the historical period.

One of the best proofs of it we find in a most remarkable picture, in Raoul-Rochette’s Monuments d’ Antiquite Figures, in which, like the “erect-haired Pan”, all the figures have their hair streaming out in every direction – except the central figure of the Kabeirian Demeter, from whom the power issues, and one other, a kneeling man.

The picture, according to Schweigger, evidently represents a part of the ceremony of initiation. And yet it is not so long since the elementary works on natural philosophy began to be ornamented with cuts of electrified heads, with hair standing out in all directions, under the influence of the electric fluid.

Schweigger shows that a lost natural philosophy of antiquity was connected with the most important religious ceremonies. He demonstrates in the amplest manner, that magic in the prehistoric periods had a part in the mysteries and that the greatest phenomena, the so-called miracles – whether Pagan, Jewish, or Christian – rested in fact on the arcane knowledge of the ancient priests of physics and all the branches of chemistry, or rather alchemy.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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