understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In this acceptance today, which has been so remarkable in a little more than three and a half years, today My Rejoicing knows no bounds, that through the various activities I am able to reach the mental and feeling world of mankind.

Remember, Beloved Friends of America, I have but one Desire – to bring to mankind Happiness and Freedom.

Therefore, this is definite because it is the Action and Power of Infinite Life. Whatever I charge into your feeling world will remain there a sustained power of action, and there is no human qualification that can interfere with this.

I want you to understand this today because it is carrying to you this Blessing.

You will feel the change in your feeling world and your attitude; and you will feel that peace and harmony which enables you to hold self-control sufficiently to allow a greater power of Life and Its great volume to flow forth into your world of action, therefore producing the results you have long sought and wished for.

This is all very practical.

But, mankind, I ask you today to watch your feeling world, to watch your thought, to watch your spoken word; for if you speak vicious, discordant words into the atmosphere, you charge your own feeling world with that viciousness and discord and it stays right around your physical body.

And one day you will have to reap all that you have sent out.

When failure enters into your Life – ill health, and all the conditions that come through that discord – remember there is no person to blame but yourself.

The intelligence within mankind knows better; but the human accumulation impels mankind, and they think that they can put forth all kinds of viciousness and not reap the results.

That is a great mistake of mankind through the centuries, and that accounts for the limitations in the World today; but this is being rapidly dissolved and consumed today.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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