understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen, notice the difference between dismissing a thing with the intellect and in the feeling. It is easy enough to dismiss a thing in the intellect, but your feeling does not always respond to that, nor does it follow.

Therefore it is imperative to watch that your feeling follows your intellect in your Decrees, or whatever it is you wish to rid yourself of. When your feeling follows, then you will soon be free from the conditions that you want to be free from.

Gentlemen, do not accept it as being there or having power to act in your physical body, when it has no power because you can withdraw, like that, power from any habit in your physical body and make it dissolve and disappear, if you realize it.

Why does a thing have power within you – a habit, for instance? Because you have fed your Life into that by your attention. Take your attention off it and keep it off, and the thing will disappear by its own volition because there is no connection longer with it.

Gentlemen, you cannot have a thing about you unless your Life has gone into it to feed it, and that means undesirable or desirable. The energy acts whichever way it is; but you, as the decreer of your world, can compel that energy to act – by the power of your attention – wholly constructively, pure and perfect.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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