understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You cannot have any difficulty in releasing yourself from any undesirable activity because, taking your attention off of it, it has to dissolve and disappear. Now this is what you might say to Me, “Oh, I have tried; I have tried and tried so hard and so long.”

Yes, that is true, but your feeling has not. Your feeling has been continually accepting that, although you were not outwardly conscious of it; and that is what seemingly makes the thing hold on.

Say to the “Presence”, “Take My attention off of that and out of it!” Then when it comes up to your thought again, say: “Oh no, you have no power. You might just as well stop and get out!”

Oh, be just sort of indifferent. Don’t let it make you feel it has power. You are the power in that thing, and every time that the thought recurs, say, “Oh, now run along.” Turn your attention to the “Presence” and go on about your business.

Say: “Get out! You once ruled in my world, but you don’t do it anymore!” But if you take a distressed feeling in trying to get rid of the thing, you don’t get rid of it because that distress holds it.

That is why in endeavoring to try to explain to you – in your trying to feel those things today – I will give you every Assistance possible when I see you are honest and sincere in your desire for Light and Freedom.

You may be sure every Ascended Master and Power of Light will come to your Assistance. Don’t let yourself question about that. When you call to your “Presence” and call to Us, be sure We will give your every slightest effort the Assistance.

As you fully realize that, you will not have the slightest difficulty in freeing yourself from any condition, no matter what it is. But do not let yourself be disturbed about it.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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