understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I have to keep you Gentlemen waiting a little longer, but I feel it is only right to reveal to you what I shall this afternoon, because it concerns tremendously the feminine activity of Life.

When you hear what I have to reveal to you this afternoon, you will see how all through Life the feminine activity, which is the feeling world of the Earth, is the more powerful activity – then you will understand why today the feminine activity must take its balance with the masculine in all Life’s activity. And when you hear this, you will understand why it is so.

Now then, Gentlemen, that is why the greatest honor between the masculine and feminine is necessary today to bring about this mighty balance with a speed that is incredible to you at this time, because this Light is not only compelling but is impelling it forth with great speed.

Gentlemen, you do not realize as We do from the higher standpoint that this Light, the Cosmic Light that is being released, is a Mighty, Impelling Force; and that is why I say to you, please do not be distressed or dismayed if you are not having the full control of yourselves that you might wish just yet.

Just stand firm, and then don’t be distressed about a condition that you have not entirely rid yourself of yet; but just keep on calling calmly and serenely, and it will disappear. It has to.

But if you get disturbed about a thing, then you bind it to you more and more, because your feeling is acting in accepting that thing is there and still has power.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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