understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“That is why in giving this opportunity today – because your Hearts are so fine, and the Light is expanding within you so wonderfully that anything is possible to be done for you. I assure you of that, but be patient.

It is not impossible that some magnificent thing might be done immediately for you; but if it is not, go serenely on until your Life Stream wishes to release to you that Perfection. Even if a so-called miracle occurs, it is quite all right – but leave that to the Wisdom of the “Presence”.

So many times, and only last night, I came so near to standing forth Visible to you. That day will come; do not be concerned about it. It will comes, and then you will all be satisfied forever that We are Real! Even though as I stand here before you today, you don’t see Me, yet I am as Tangible – oh, more so than you are yourselves!

But mankind is so caught in the human beliefs that a thing which is not visible to you is not tangible; yet you see before you the example that the invisible things are tangible right along.

I know of no greater thing than your airplane propeller and your fan to give you that illustration, because it is a visible thing, and by stepping up its speed of action it becomes invisible.

You see, all visible and invisible activity is a rate of vibratory action; and I could take almost any one of you and stand you here and in a few minutes – not more than ten minutes – make you invisible to the rest of the audience by the raising of your vibratory action, which could not harm you.

You might be a little short of breath for a time, but this is what We are able to do; and as the Students are prepared for it, some of these things will be done to give you the full assurance of the Truth that We have presented through the Beloved Messengers.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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