understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You see, Beloved Ones, how quickly I raised the Messengers into this magnificent position today; and I can do it with every earnest, honest, honorable Student in America and the World – I am not limited.

I can project a thousand, ten thousand, twenty thousand, a hundred thousand Light Rays to the Beloved Students and hold them within that Radiance until their Victory is sure; but I must have obedience to your Life – not to Me, but to Life. You see?

And as you have Purity and Honor within you, then I can raise you to and give you any position in Life that you will hold steadfast in your attention. I have been able to do this for many centuries, and since My Ascension, of course, infinitely more powerfully.

But realize, Gentlemen, when I make a Request, it is because I see within you so great a Light that can bring you so quickly into perfect happiness and success, to complete achievement on whatever you may fix your attention, because of course you would not fix your attention upon anything that was not constructive.

Therefore, I say to you today in all the Powers of Light, stand with your “Presence” in Its Purity and Perfection; and any undesirable desire that has been generated within you, call your “Presence of Life”, Myself, or some other Ascended Masters if you wish, to give you Assistance.

Be sure that when you make that Call, don’t be disturbed if the old habits recur once in a while; but in the great calm serenity, say, “Oh, very well, you have no power, so you might just as well let go.”

In that calm serenity you will free yourself from any undesirable desire that might have been generated in the past, thinking it was quite all right. It is not.

Gentlemen, please, in coming into this Light and changing your motives of Life, please do not condemn yourself for anything that has been in the past. Please do not do it, because you keep that constantly revolving and building for you.

Put it, every action of it, into the Violet Consuming Flame and let it be gone forever – whatever has been in the past.

Therefore, all mankind have made their mistakes, but We do not condemn them. We are not concerned with that; We only want to forget them, that is all. Then We can give them limitless Assistance.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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