understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“All these things are True and Real! But mankind, if they allow the intellect to get revolving or listening to individuals who cannot comprehend it yet, well then, it disturbs them and causes them momentarily to think, “Are those things possible or not?” They are not unusual, only the human intellect gets to revolving too fast.

But when you stop to think and when you realize from your Heart, your Heart knows the Truth of this – and if It is allowed to act, It will give you the full feeling of it. We have to be patient – even We, Ourselves – until you get the full conviction, the full glory of that in your feeling world.

Then you become satisfied and you become anchored; and no feeling, thought, or suggestion, or anything else can make you fear or be doubtful about these Great Laws. As long as mankind listen to the foolishness of human concepts, then they will be distressed and disturbed.

But I say to you, if you will stand in your “Presence”, the Light of your “Presence”, and refuse to accept or listen to foolish, human gossip that says these things are not true, then you will more easily stand in the Light and prove to yourselves these Great Laws and the Expansion of Light.

These Great Decrees of the many in America are doing a thing indescribable!”

Beloved Saint Germain

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