understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to you – and I have proven this hundreds of times – it does not make any difference what chaos is going on around you. If you will stand as one – as though you stood alone in the Universe with your “Presence” – and call Its Intelligent Power forth to act in your world, your world will be happy and successful.

Even those that have been in chaos about you, will respect you and wonder, “What in creation has that individual got that holds him so poised and balanced?”

That is where all achievement is – in the balance of the feeling, knowing the Source to which to call. You cannot call once to that “Presence” that It does not release immediately that great quantity of Light and Energy.

Don’t you see that, Gentlemen? There is no other power to act; and as you give It conscious attention, don’t you see then, that you have connected with the greatest Power and Intelligence to flood forth just automatically?

Largely the mass is voluntary action, because the individual who does not understand the “Presence”, is having less than ten percent of that Presence and Power that would flow through his body and feeling world to produce that which is required.

But you who have this Understanding of the “Great Presence” and know how to call It forth, you can call forth twenty, forty, of fifty times that Presence and Power within one year.

There is not one of you that could not call forth fifty times the Energy, the Intelligence, and the Power of Action that you have had thus far.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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