understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“All that has ever been acting is this Light and Energy from your own “God Presence”. You have not known that; yet It is the only thing that ever did, ever could act in your world. But you are crossing wires: so many times in your feelings you intercept and interrupt that great Current of Energy that floods forth, which would give you that which your Heart desires, but It cannot do it as long as you are crossing wires all the time by the change in your feeling and attention.

If you wanted to form a definite power and hold it, could you allow your attention to move in a half circle all the time and expect any definite results? You cannot do it. It means you would spread that force upon an area in which your attention wavered, instead of on this thing you desired.

We know positively and definitely if you want to achieve a thing, you must hold your attention fixed upon the goal! Do not worry about the means brought about to make that success, but keep your attention fixed upon the goal! Know this Great Power and Intelligence, the “Mighty I AM”, is the only Intelligence and Power acting!

Then, whatever conditions are required in the outer world to bring the success and draw the correct people into the association for the success and achievement, will be done by the Wisdom of the “Presence”. And all mistakes will cease from mankind’s Life and experience.

This is an accurate Law, Gentlemen, and It cannot fail! It never did, because you are dealing with the most Powerful Law in the Universe – your own Life!

There is nothing in the World that has any authority in your world but the power of your own Life.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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