isis unveiled: chapter chapter VII (thou great first cause)

“But, as we have said before, there are real and God-like healers, who, notwithsatnding all the malice and skepticism of their bigoted opponents, have become famous in the world’s history. Such are the Cure d’Ars, of Lyons, Jacob, and Newton. Such, also, were Gassner, the clergyman of Klorstele, and the well-known Valentine Greatrakes, the ignorant and poor Irishman, who was endorsed by the celebrated Robert Boyle, President of the Royal Society of London, in 1670.

In 1870, he would have been sent to Bedlam, in company with other healers, if another president of the same society had had the disposal of the case, or Professor Lankester would have “summoned” him under the Vagrant Act for practicing upon Her Majesty’s subjects “by palmistry or otherwise.”

But, to close a list of witnesses which might be extended indefinitely, it will suffice to say that, from first to last, from Pythagoras down to Eliphas Levi, from highest to humblest, every one teaches that the magical power is never possessed by those addicted to vicious indulgences.

Only the pure in heart “see God”, or exercise divine gifts – only such can heal the ills of the body, and allow themselves, with relative security, to be guided by the “invisible powers”. Such only can give peace to the disturbed spirits of their brothers and sisters, for the healing waters come from no poisonous source; grapes do not grow on thorns, and thistles bear no figs.

But, for all this, “magic has nothing supernal in it”; it is a science, and even the power of “casting out devils” was a branch of it, of which the Initiates made a special study. “That skill which expels demons out of the human bodies, is a science useful and sanative to men”, says Josephus.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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