isis unveiled: chapter chapter VII (thou great first cause)

“If a diseased person – medium or not – attempts to heal, his force may be sufficiently robust to displace the disease, to disturb it in the present place, and cause it to shift to another where shortly it will disappear; the patient, meanwhile, thinking himself cured.

But, what if the healer be morally diseased? The consequences may be infinitely more mischievous; for it is easier to cure a bodily disease than cleanse a constitution infected with moral turpitude.

The mystery of Morzine, Cevennes, and that of the Jansenists, is still as great a mystery for physiologists as for psychologists. If the gift of prophecy, as well as hysteria and convulsions, can be imparted by “infection”, why not every vice?

The healer, in such a case, conveys to his patient – who is now his victim – the moral poison that infects his own mind and heart. His magnetic touch is defilement; his glance, profanation. Against this insidious taint, there is no protection for the passively-receptive subject. The healer holds him under his power, spell-bound and powerless, as the serpent holds a poor, weak bird.

The evil that one such healing medium” can effect is incalculably great; and such healers there are by the hundred.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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