understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen, I contend that it does not matter one particle whether there are thirty or seventy years in appearance upon your physical body; it has not a thing to do with it. This Power and Presence of Life is the Energy, is the Youth, is the Strength that is in your body – not the human concept that says you are seventy years old and are out of business.

I say to you young men starting in now, don’t accept that thing, that human suggestion of the accumulation of the ages that when you reach beyond forty years you begin to get old. Don’t accept that thing! It is outrageous!

Blessed mankind have accepted that, and then the minute you pass the forties, Minute Men, you begin to feel old. It is nonsense!

That energy is just the same power and energy that it was at your fondest youth to sustain you in that, and there is nothing else required in the Universe but that!

Your Intelligence, through your experience, necessarily becomes greater and greater each week, each month; and as you turn your attention to that “Great Presence”, you will call forth that greater and greater Intelligence that becomes Invincible.

Then you will find yourself straightening up and feeling those Great Currents of Energy flow through that body; and there will not be any lack of energy, any lack of vitality.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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