understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Do not be concerned about people who do not accept this Light – not for a second. We cannot force, you cannot force anyone to accept anything they do not want; but you just have to give the time to consider.

This is the thing you need to understand – perhaps you have observed in your experience, the moment you give a human freedom, all rebellion and opposition, as a rule, go down; but if he feels you are trying to force him to do something, then you have a battle right away.

So as the opportunity affords to present this Truth, if you follow the Messengers’ prompting from the beginning in the Class Work – and of course it is quite definite – individually, if you find someone who begins to argue, say: “Very well, we are not going to argue this subject. If you care to listen to the understanding I have, very well”; and you will forestall people attempting to argue the Truth of this Great Law with you.

The moment you feel an argument starting, you might just as well stop because nobody will accept a thing the moment a feeling of that kind arises within them. So do not waste your time, but cause everyone to feel absolutely free, even in the discussion of this, and they will accept It a thousand times quicker.

You know mankind, when they become very enthusiastic, might produce a temporary result; but it won’t be permanent. So as you leave mankind wholly free, then it is quite up to them to accept or reject it. Let them feel the absolute independence.

You know how the Messenger has been from the beginning – He has been absolutely independent of other people’s opinions, whether they accept It or not. His part was to present the Truth and leave it to mankind to reject or accept, and that is why this has grown to such proportions without any outer means.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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