understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen, this applies to your business just the same. The old outer method, which built to tremendous proportions, will vanish from the Earth. But look what it did!

You might not have observed this, but We have. It draws hundreds and thousands of people to accept the suggestion of advertising; and when they find it is not always the correct thing, then they are disappointed and rebellion goes forth.

That is why high-pressure salesmanship has almost vanished, because mankind will not stand for it. To be influenced to buy something or accept something they afterwards find they do not want, is not a permanent achievement of any kind.

That is why, in every phase of Life, as mankind are left free to formulate their own decision, they will come into a natural, permanently sustained power and bring complete success in whatever the attention is directed to.

Suppose you decide upon some definite definite activity: Instead of talking to your friends about it, your acquaintances, suppose you turn to your “Great Presence of Life” and say: “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, this activity is that which I should like to do. You make me feel clearly and definitely if this is the thing that is the Divine Plan for me to do.”

Then if you feel the enthusiasm and the impelling force to go ahead, simply say: “Now, ‘Mighty I AM Presence’, take command of this mind and body. Produce Your Perfection and hold Your Dominion. This is Your business; now You project Your Mighty Light Rays, Your Mighty Currents of Energy into this business. You reach Your Loving Arms out and draw the customers, the associates into this business that will hold Divine Order and Divine Justice.”

There is not a person on the face of this Earth who would take that up and follow it accurately with the right motive within them to have Divine Justice to all concerned, that could not build in one year, a successful business that would satisfy them beyond their fondest imagination.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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