isis unveiled: chapter chapter VII (thou great first cause)

“But if the patient has no faith, what then? If he is physically negative and receptive, and the healer strong, healthy, positive, determined, the disease may be extirpated by the imperative will of the operator, which, consciously or unconsciously, draws to and reinforces itself with the universal spirit of nature, and restores the disturbed equilibrium of the patient’s aura.

He may employ as an auxiliary, a crucifix – as Gassner did; or impose the hands and “will”, like the French Zouave Jacob, like our celebrated American, Newton, the healer of many thousands of sufferer, and like many others; or like Jesus, and some apostles, he may cure by the word of command. The process in each case is the same.

In all these instances, the cure is radical and real, and without secondary ill-effects. But, when one who is himself physically diseased, attempts healing, he not only fails of that, but often imparts his illness to his patient, and robs him of what strength he may have.

The decrepit King David reinforced his failing vigor with the healthy magnetism of the young Abishag; and the medical works tell us of an aged lady of Bath, England, who broke down the constitutions of two maids in succession, in the same way.

The old sages, and Paracelsus also, removed disease by applying a healthy organism to the afflicted part, and in the works of the above said fire-philosopher, their theory is boldly and categorically set forth.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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