understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, Gentlemen, what was acting there? There is no human being on Earth that can refute what was acting there in that body that has now become helpless – that Power and Presence of Energy and Life! Everything that acted through or was achieved through that individual, was that Presence and Power of Life acting.

Then was that in that physical body or belonging to that human form? It was acting through it, but that human form had not an ounce or energy and power of itself. Then everything that came into being through that individual came through that Stream of Life and Energy as ideas, and then came into form. Think of it!

Any human being can prove these Laws in their Life, if they will; but if they don’t want to, then they won’t have it.

But I have brought forth this Marvelous Instruction that is the Freedom of mankind; and every Word in those Books that has come forth through the Messengers is charged with Our Ascended Master Consciousness, Qualities, and Powers.

If mankind will understand that and, as they read those Words, feel the Qualities enter their feeling world and act there, then every one can quickly raise himself into Our Power. Then that will allow the Power of Life to pour forth unqualified.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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